Moira Váně

Public Prosecution Service of Canada, Edmonton

Call: 2003


Society is currently undergoing a massive evolution. As lawyers we must heed the calls for structural reform around race, poverty, and justice. The legal community is uniquely positioned to both bear witness to and usher in this seismic shift. In a few short months we have transformed how we live our lives, run our practices, and serve the public. I am excited and heartened by these transformations. While change can be difficult, it is through change that we experience our greatest opportunity for growth. I believe that the lawyers of Alberta are ready to face the challenges to come and offer my candidacy for Bencher to support our evolution.

I have been a prosecutor for most of my career. I began by working as a prosecutor for the provincial government in rural Alberta in 2003. For the last eight years, I have worked with the federal prosecution service in Edmonton. During a leave from prosecuting, I worked in the previous Justice Minister’s office and worked very hard in helping to appoint lawyers to our public institutions who better reflect modern day Alberta.  My professional experiences will assist me in advocating for policy, legislative and other initiatives of importance to the lawyers of Alberta and the clients we serve, such as improving access to justice, promoting restorative justice initiatives, and championing equity and diversity in our institutions.

I became a parent while lawyering and am a founder of the New Parents’ Peer Support group with ASSIST. I believe that our collective mental health challenges as lawyers have been shrouded in shame for too long, and that is why I have volunteered with ASSIST since 2012.  The reality of legal practice means that we are called upon to support our clients when they are experiencing some of the worst that life has to offer, while at the same time we are asked by our families, our firms and the courts to operate at the highest possible level. I believe that our professional and personal struggles must be adequately acknowledged and addressed so that we can offer our best selves to the wider community.

I am excited to see that equity, diversity and inclusion are key pillars of the Law Society’s strategic plan. I have seen firsthand how focusing on these issues results in better decision making, which results in better experiences for us as lawyers, and for the public whom we serve.

I am a feminist, a lawyer, a mom, a friend and a volunteer. I hope that who I am, what I believe in and what I can offer our profession will persuade you to vote for me for Bencher. Together, we can make the Law Society a more inclusive, healthier and constructive organization that better serves you, the justice system, and the public at large.