David B. Mercer, QC

Nickerson Roberts Holinski Mercer, Edmonton

Call: 1981


I have been a member of the Law Society for 39 years and carry on a general practice with an emphasis on employment and labour law. I have been actively involved as a volunteer member of the Law Society Practice Committee and Panel Member and most recently in Practice Management as a volunteer Practice Assessor. I am a candidate for Bencher at this stage in my career as the practice of law is and will undergo dramatic changes in the near future.

A priority for me, with these changes, is the support of our members in delivering quality legal services. Being a lawyer is a privilege which comes with obligations and responsibilities. More than ever, our members need a Law Society that values their contributions and understands the challenges of the day to day practice of law. The Law Society needs to be supportive of our members from a promotional, educational, practice and conduct perspective.

Of specific interest to me is:

  • Transparency and communication in the member conduct and practice management roles of our Society;
  • Access to Justice;
  • Legal Aid funding;
  • Competent legal representation of marginalized members of our society.

I fully support equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives within the legal profession, and am committed to their promotion. These initiatives are invaluable in ensuring that the membership of the Law Society of Alberta reflects the greater public to which its members serve. Promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within the legal profession and in the delivery of legal services enriches the legal profession through the recognition of varied perspectives and lived experiences, and further supports access to justice initiatives.

Thank you for your support.