Jason Demers

HD Law Group, Calgary

Call: 2013


Isn’t it great to be alive, to be a lawyer, and living in Alberta at this time? I would be honoured to serve our profession in bringing a pragmatic and commonsensical approach to the Bencher table.

I have been part of the legal community for several years before being called to the bar. I have been a process server, a paralegal, a mediator, an arbitrator, community board member, and in each role I have tried diligently to uphold the values of our profession. It is this level of commitment and diverse background that I feel will be of great value to our membership. My particular areas of interest include:

  • Articling and support for new lawyers;
  • Continued diversity within the profession;
  • Sustainable Legal Aid for Albertans;
  • Developing a balanced approach to the access to justice;
  • Continued accountability and self-governance.

I am a trial lawyer of Indigenous descent, whose practice is divided primarily between civil and criminal litigation. I practise in both small towns and big cities. I have been the new articling student with an unquenchable desire to succeed but who had difficulty finding a mentor. I have sat in rural courtrooms where 90 per cent plus are filled with Indigenous people, facing unique challenges. I continue to volunteer and take on pro bono cases in an attempt to pay it forward. It is these kinds of experiences that have encouraged me to be an active voice and not sit by when something needs to be done. I thank you for this opportunity to serve and humbly ask for your vote.