Linda Long, QC

Long Family Law Group LLP, Edmonton

Call: 1986


When I was elected Bencher in 2017 I wanted to be part of the conversation that would move our regulatory processes towards proactive regulation, with focus on early intervention and loss prevention approaches. In my 34 years at the Bar, my lived experience is that lawyers have not always been seen to be serving the public interest in partnership with our regulator. There has been far too much fear, particularly in small firms like mine. Regulatory processes should be transparent and fair. During the last three years I am proud to have participated in many initiatives that move Law Society regulation in a proactive direction. It has been exciting to be part of a cultural sea change in professional regulation. Developing an ethic of partnership in protecting the public interest with the regulated profession is well underway.

I hope to continue advancing and supporting the many change-based initiatives being undertaken by the Law Society. It is exciting to be part of a Bencher table working cohesively with an administration demonstrably committed to change. We are re-imagining Continuing Professional Development and articling processes, while setting a foundation for every Alberta lawyer to learn about the Indigenous experience in Canada. We are promoting diversity, and developing model policies which promote respectful legal workplaces. We are navigating a pandemic with leadership emphasis on passing cost savings along to the profession. Law Society administrative costs have been reduced; meetings now are generally held online instead of in person, and emphasis is placed on flexibility of processes. While the Law Society has not “thrown out the rule book,” with strong Bencher leadership the Law Society has been rewriting it. Many adaptive changes of the last eight months will generate permanent and lasting efficiencies, and cost savings for our profession which must pay for regulation.

I appreciate your vote and will continue my ongoing commitment to promoting transparency and fairness in regulation should I be returned for a further term.