David Tupper

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, Calgary

Call: 1996


We are very fortunate in Alberta to have a very strong legal community and judiciary, and an approach to practice that is based on excellence, protection of the administration of justice, and collegiality. I would welcome the opportunity to serve as a Bencher and to work to protect and enhance our legal system and our bar.

Since I was called in 1996, I have worked hard to contribute in a number of ways. Professionally, I have worked exclusively at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP and have at various times served as the Head of the Litigation Group, a member of the National Executive Committee, a member of the Compensation Committee, and Co-Chair of the Equity and Diversity Committee. I have had a broad array of litigation files over time and have had the opportunity, as a result, to work with many extraordinary lawyers on the same or opposite sides of litigation matters.

I have also worked very hard to make contributions to the administration of justice. As part of that effort, in the last several years I have been heavily involved in The Advocates’ Society. I was a member for four years of the National Board of Directors and served as Chair of the National Standing Committee of the Board, which focused on expanding The Advocates’ Society across the country. I have continued to be active in the Alberta Regional Advisory Committee of The Advocates Society.

Over the course of my career, I have also served on Law Society Committees, and currently serve on the Board of Directors of Calgary Legal Guidance, for which I have also volunteered for 28 years. I have also worked very hard within the profession to mentor young lawyers and to promote equity and diversity. The future of the bar depends on the growth and development of young lawyers and the inclusion and promotion of lawyers from diverse backgrounds. Benchers have an important role in those efforts.

Over time, I have also enjoyed contributing to the community. Much of that has been in the area of youth education and development. I sat on the Board, and served as Chair, of a French private school. I have been very active in the youth debating world, serving as a volunteer coach, judge, and board member and chair of various debating organizations. I have coached approximately 35 youth soccer teams, and for a number of years served as Vice President of one of the soccer associations in the city.

We are blessed as lawyers with significant opportunities to give back and I have tried to take advantage of that to help the community generally. As a Bencher, I will work hard, work thoughtfully, and work collegially. I would welcome the opportunity to give something back to a profession that has given so much to me.